Yumi is designed for rapid development of custom WeChat shops, marketplaces and more. Use Yumi to build any type of e-commerce WeChat Mini-program you can imagine

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Key Features

Single shop mode or Marketplace mode

Can be used to run a single WeChat shop, or multi-tenant marketplace (many shops independently managed)

Shopify Integration

Frictionless on-boarding for merchants to import products from an existing Shopify website and sync orders back

Social Selling

Enable users and KOLs to earn commissions on sales referrals

Highly Scaleable

3 tier application architecture designed to handle high traffic product drops with total security


Build unique features and designs on top of our battle-tested infrastructure, or engage us to build it for you

Omni-channel APIs

Powerful, well-documented APIs to build applications across any channel: WeChat Mini-program, iOS, Android, Web, etc

WeChat Mini-programs powered by Yumi

Why Yumi?

E-commerce requires complex logic and flows such as order management, refunds, variants and discount codes. Yumi provides a scaleable, battle-tested foundation so you don't have to start from scratch, with flexibility to extend for your own use case.

Who is Yumi for?

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